Friday, January 25, 2013

Pet Portraits on Ornaments

One of the things I like to do is paint pet portraits commissions on ornaments.  I  paint them on a 2 5/8 inch ornaments with acrylics and then sealed with several coats of varnish.   The background is an off white or really whatever color you wish.   I thought I would show several I had done for Christmas.  

A bunch I did for show - just waiting for new home!

Another Cutie!

This one turned out great!
Cat ornaments waiting to go to show!
A commission cat ornament!

These make a nice gift or a memorial to a beloved
pet.   All I need is a detail photo of the markings on the cat or dog.   The more detail the better.
The dogs are painted head profiles only whereas
the cats can be painted more three dimensional,
but of course would need a good photo showing all the markings on the cat.

Commission is $25 (included in this is shipping
and gift box).   If you are interested in having one
of these painted just send me an email.   The photos
can be sent email also.  Delivery is three weeks from
 receiving order.   Thanks for looking!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Back with Collages!!!

Angel    10 inch x 10 inch

I'm finally getting back into the grove again.  During the holidays time just got away from me.
Will try to post new artwork once a week.  This will also keep me on course to make more art work. 

 I have been working more with mixed media/ collages- using paint, some scrapbooking papers I had and  also some papers I have made myself.   I have a ton of art supplies so am looking for ways to think outside the box.  I used a hand carved stamp for a border on the one above.  I have been inspired seeing Anne Bagby's work in which she used her own hand carved stamps.

All these are for sale.  If you are further interested just send me an email.   Hope you have enjoyed
what you have seen...........Pam

In the Garden     8 x 10