Friday, July 13, 2012

Pam's Cottage Studio Tour


Hi - welcome all to my very first studio tour.  Grab a cup of coffee and meet my fur ball assistant - Scamper.  She must lay on every piece of fabric and paper in my studio.  Well, it's her job.   My studio is 12 x 26 and has a sink which I love having when I'm painting.     I'm  a multi-media artist so I have areas for everything.  If I don't have room here I gradually move into other parts of the house.

Eat Dessert First!!!  Areas where I store paper

Love this table!  And more storage for paper.

Gallery for Paintings

Sewing area and fabric, also Cricut setup.  Also more
fabric in bottom of hutch.
Sink area - I put a cover over it and use as
another table when I'm papercrafting.

Books!!!-  I have way too many books!
Acrylic painting 16 x 20.  A little artwork scattered here and there.
Dog portraits on ornaments I am painting for upcoming craft shows
Cat ornaments
A Cat Named Thomas (acrylic and embroidery)

What am working on?  Mini Albums for upcoming craft shows

Another view of sewing area
Computer area

This is more shelves and of course more books!  I took boxes and covered with wallpaper.  The boxes on top
are lace and ribbon   You can never have too much lace and ribbon.  Also hanging on shelves are some tags from swap with Velma (hi - Velma)
Thanks for stopping by!!!  If you just click this  it will take you back to  Desert Cottage for more awesome studios.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Coasters from Dollar Tree!

Hi all - just wanted to show you mini album I made from Dollar Tree paper coasters.
They are 4 x 4 - just the right size.  I covered it with Prima "Botanical Collection" paper and then
went crazy embellishing it.  There are more Prima paper scraps in there, buttons
and a little this and that.   I distressed the edges with ink. I found some tiny clothespins at Walmart which 
I stamped and distressed with ink.   Made the organza flower on the cover with an antique button in the center.   Thanks for stopping by and looking.....